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Pete Chipman Photography
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This is a great camper rental company in Iceland.  The prices may
seem a bit expensive, but they are act
ually very comparable to other
rental services in Iceland.  I rented from them
for my 2005-2011
expeditions.  The diesel version of their L-200 is great for fuel
, and very capable.
Great accommodations near Latrabjarg seabird cliffs in western Iceland.

Brina, the owner, can provide interesting (and essential) information about
for your trip, including a library of maps and pictures at the hotel.  The
hotel itself is located not far from the cliffs (maybe 20 minutes).

Ask Birna, and somewhere, you'll find a couple of my prints from the cliffs
to online supplements.   On my expeditions, I'm often in situations
where it will be a few days before I can purchase food.  Because of
this, I'll try to pack dry food with a high calorie to weight ratio.  Protein
shakes and bars are good for this sort of thing, and Mile High muscle
who will take the time to answer your questions.  If you're into
bodybuilding they're a great resource, but they're also an excellent
resource if you're looking for supplemental nutrition for remote
activities like I do.